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      3. Kristen Bell and the "Veronica Mars" Cast Grow Up

        The "Veronica Mars" cast describes growing up on screen and in real life. Then, Kristen Bell only has seconds to decide which "Veronica Mars" characters should go to the "Good Place."

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        From Bruce Lee to Baking Shows: Meet Mike Moh

        Mike Moh is super into martial arts, as his role in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood shows. But check out what food series satisfies his whole family.

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        High School TV Icons Then and Now

        Take a look back at some of your favorite TV high school students from "My So-Called Life" and more. Then, flash forward to see what they look like now.

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        Ridley Scott looks to have his next directing job, as he has signed on to direct “The Last Duel” with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck attached to star. Damon and Affleck co-wrote the script with Oscar-nominated Nicole Holofcener. Scott, Damon and Affleck all producing along with Scott’s producing partner Kevin Walsh. Drew Vinton is also producing for Pearl Street Films.... See more »

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        All the Best Cosplay From San Diego Comic-Con 2019

        San Diego Comic-Con may be over, but the cosplay lives on. Check out the greatest costumes from this year's convention.

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        Poll: Your Favorite Survival Film Since 2000?


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